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July 31-Only Pricing

Click the button below to view a pdf of all July 31-Only Specials Announced at the Union Jack's Travel Hang

Old Globe

To keep our prices competitive and continue to bring you local events,


Earlybird event attendee prices shared on this page are available ONLY to MeetUp Members in physical attendance at the July 31, 2022 Travel Hang. Non-MeetUp Guests depositing on 31 July along with a MeetUp Member in attendance may pay Meet-Up Rate.  MeetUp guests depositing along with MeetUp members in attendance may pay July 31 Special rate.  After 31 July, MeetUp rate is in effect for Members and Website rate for guests. 


Tours are open for booking until filled.  Deposit and payment as scheduled holds advertised price. Rates may be subject to fuel or other surcharge of up to 10% at time of travel. Travelers will be notified of of, and billed for any such vendor increases.  Failure to make timely regular payment on a payment plan may result in cancelation of reservation and rebooking at then-current rate.

Tour descriptions are provided as a guideline only and individual tour components are subject to change, rearrangement or substitution depending on availability at time of travel.

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